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5 Book Box Set of the Gothic Memoirs Series

From now until November 22nd, the first 5 novels of the Gothic Memoirs series will be available for the low price of $85.00. Each book will be signed and personalized by Rebekah, making them an instant collectors item. The winter ahead will be long and cold. Why not give your best friend or family member a gift that keeps them warm this winter. Order now before it's too late.

Gothic October Promotion 2013

For the month of October, you can purchase the first five books of the series for under $24!! This is an excellent time for new readers to start the series, for current readers to continue on and for fans to share this most excellent deal. Happy Halloween...

Book 5 Cover Release!

Armusik Interview and Epic Giveaway!

Check out my latest interview with!

Two lucky winners will get ebooks of the first 3 titles in the series. A third winner will receive an autographed print copy of the soon to be released Vlkolak King, the 4th in the series! Simply leave a comment after the interview and you are entered to win! The winners will be chosen at random on 10/29/12.

Rave Review from Vampire Romance Books!

Thank you to for reviewing the series thus far and thank you for the wonderful reviews! Please check them out here!

A Note From Rebekah

Vlkolak King is the most complex and yet comfortable book I have written in the series. Complex because it delves deep into the past and gives insight to Nadija and Alexei's relationship, and comfortable because I am now telling the story I have been dying to tell. As always, the story grows more intricate as we continue our journey.

Along the way, you have met some of my most cherished fictional friends - friends that I have a very deep and emotional bond with. In many ways, they truly live, and I can hear them whisper their stories when I am silent and listening. During that silence, I am privy to a world that may or may not exist. In my heart, it really does not matter, because regardless, the story is powerful and intense.

I truly hope you enjoy the next installment as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I look forward to your thoughts and reviews after you spend time with Nadija once again. Get your signed copy, pre-ordered at

Many Blessings,